What to Look for in An Outplacement Firm

For many organizations, the reality of a corporate downsizing or layoff is upon them. Having a capable—and compassionate—outplacement services firm can ensure that the process goes smoothly and helps everyone win.


But, with so many outplacement firms out there, how can an organization know which one to choose?


Understanding some of the keys to effective outplacement can help. First and foremost, compassion, dignity and simply “doing the right thing” in corporate downsizing have taken on a greater importance. Compassionate outplacement services are simply, good business. Make sure your outplacement provider is effective at providing compassionate outplacement support.

From the initial contact with the company, the outplacement services firm should begin working with human resources to ensure that all impacted employees will be given the support they need. The outplacement coach should provide the company with timing, logistics and experienced training managers who can effectively deliver the message.


Although specific services vary depending upon needs, the outplacement services firm must be able to help impacted employees:

      Learn that their feelings, emotions and fears of being unemployed are normal and that negative energy can be put to a positive use.

      Take a long-overdue review of their career; identifying skills, interests and future goals.

      Explore new work possibilities, considering options that may have been previously put aside.

      Develop a resume that highlights achievements and skills that are transferable into a new work environment and will give them a competitive advantage.

      Learn how to navigate the new world of job search techniques. For many employees who have not looked for a job in many years, the process entirely has changed.

      Establish a marketing plan to sell their skills to potential employers.

      Begin the process of networking with family, friends, former business associates and others to learn of job opportunities that may not be published.

      Practice interviewing skills and techniques that prepare candidates to present themselves to prospective employers.

      Receive the support of individuals whose main concern is to assist them in finding a job.

      An effective outplacement coach can minimize the impact of the separation and help the individual turn their focus toward the future. 

A structured, guided process to career transition has been proven to be much more effective than “going it alone.” Impacted individuals use their time more efficiently, having tools and resources readily available to assist in finding that next position. And employers who invest in the future of their former employees make the best of a difficult situation.

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