Why Does My Organization Need Outplacement Services?

The economy has put a huge strain on your company’s financials over the past few years. Even though you have benchmarked, repurposed, conceptualized, re-engineered, streamlined and diversified, you have come to the conclusion that the only way you can keep things viable is to restructure and decrease headcount through corporate downsizing. 

You have capable, well-trained employees—many who have been with you for more than a decade and have put their hearts and souls into making your company successful. Though this decision will eventually make the company stronger, the news will be a blow to the entire employee population.


A firm specializing in outplacement services can provide a wealth of support to both the company and the impacted employee.


Outplacement support can:

      Ensure a smooth transition and minimize the chance of litigation and other negative actions:

Outplacement focuses the candidate toward the future and away from the past. It replaces recrimination with optimism and channels the terminated employee’s energy toward positive action. An ex-employee who is excited about the future is less likely to sue, disparage, or sabotage his or her former employer.


      Help maintain the morale of remaining employees:

“Survivor syndrome” can be a very negative force inside an organization. Too many companies came through the massive downsizings of the late 1980s and early 1990s with their surviving employees guilty, paranoid, demoralized, overworked, underproductive and waiting for the other shoe to drop. Outplacement services can demonstrate to your employees that layoffs are not capricious bloodbaths undertaken on a whim. Rather, they are a necessary part of the company’s strategy for change and growth. Outplacement also demonstrates that compassion, fairness and consistency remain a part of the corporate culture, even after a corporate downsizing.


      Preserve the company’s reputation as a good corporate citizen:

Large layoffs can have an immense impact on the community. Outplacement services can mitigate that impact by shortening the time your former employees are unemployed.


      Reduce the stress-level of managers involved in layoffs:

All too often, the manager directly involved in the termination or layoff is the most stressed out of all the parties involved. The assistance of outplacement consultants in planning and executing a corporate downsizing can make the process significantly less painful. In addition, access to outplacement services makes managers more willing to lay off marginally performing employees.


      Set the course for the company’s change management strategy:

Correct use of outplacement helps a company plan for long-term growth and change. It encourages consistency and confidence in decision making and minimizes precipitous action. In many companies, outplacement services are seen as a standard corporate benefit akin to health coverage.


      Genuinely "do the right thing":

Most companies are run by compassionate human beings who want to do all they can to help their laid-off employees.


The advantage of outplacement services is clear: it is a severance benefit that helps employees cope with the financial, emotional and professional stresses that occur. It helps them identify and evaluate their options. It helps them identify the resources that are available to help them achieve their goals. It assists them in achieving their targeted goal(s), which is usually finding new employment.

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