Executive Coaching Process & Programs

We care about your leaders and their goals. When they achieve success, it creates a better business outcome for you. 

We work one-on-one with leaders and tailor our executive coaching programs to their unique needs. Yet, we coach your organization's leaders in the same manner and with the same tools across the board. This helps drive continuity in your executives' development. 

At the completion of one of our executive coaching programs, you can expect your executives to have accomplished one or more of the following:

         An enhanced leadership style

         A clearer self-portrait and better understanding of the effects of one’s leadership style on others

         An understanding of how to transition into new areas of responsibility

         Improved team-building skills

         Improved skills for coaching and developing others within the organization

         An action plan for continued leadership improvement

Our coaching process includes the following components:

         Establishes a clear basis and purpose for working with the individual and defines the roles and responsibilities of those engaged in the process

         Conducts a GAP analysis that:

         Utilizes assessment tools – includes skill-based, psychological and organizational testing, 360 instruments, and interviews within the relevant environment

         Identifies specific areas for development

         Aligns the individual’s capabilities with business needs

         Sets goals and action plans for change

         Provides closure to the process and outlines future actions

         Creates a follow-up plan to assess continued improvement

         Support by powerful technology tools

Coaching to Improve Performance

Coaching for Advancement

Coaching to Correct Behavior

Leadership Development

Management Development


Team Building

Contact us today to learn how we can create a custom executive coaching program for you!

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