OI Partners Executive Leadership


Patricia Prosser

OI Partners - Career Consultants, Indianapolis, IN

Ex-Officio Member

Steve Ford

OI Partners – Fitzgerald, Stevens & Ford, Concord, MA

Chief Financial Officer

David Keegin

OI Partners – Anderson Keegin & Associates Inc., Grand Rapids, MI

Corporate Secretary

Susan Ruhl

OI Partners - Innovative Career Consulting, Denver, CO

Members at Large:

Ray Blush

OI Partners - Hugh Anderson Associates, Ann Arbor, MI

Jim Wilson

OI Partners – Gateway International, Parsippany, NJ

Susan Stringer

OI Partners - The Brighton Group, Bellevue, WA

Jim Norwine

OI Partners – ExecuGroup, Allentown, PA

Tom Wharton

OI Partners - Lifocus Inc., Warwick, RI

Bob Wilson

OI Partners - High Potential Inc., Chicago, IL

Chief Operating Officer:

Claudia Gentner


Operations & Quality: Susan Ruhl

Marketing & PR: Tom Wharton

Partner Selection: Ray Blush

Finance: David Keegin

Technology: Claudia Gentner

Practice Areas:

Talent Management: Bob Wilson and Mary Ann Gontin, Co-Chairs
Career Transition: Jim Norwine, Chair

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OI Partners Creates Two Cost-Effective Quick Start Outplacement Programs

OI Partners launches two cost-effective outplacement programsBecause of the overwhelmingly positive results of our recent study on the effectiveness of outplacement, OI Partners has created two cost-effective Quick Start outplacement programs to extend the benefits of outplacement to more employees.