Are You 100% Certain Your New Employees Will Succeed?

It is not uncommon for an employee to fail in a new job within the first three months. This is true both for new hires and employees who are promoted or transferred. When this happens, there is typically a disconnect between what a person thinks the new job encompasses and what actually is required.

-          Are you sure that the expectations of the organization and the new employee are aligned?

-          Are you accurately explaining the way things get done in the organization?

-          What are the critical success factors needed in that position?

-          How can the new employee best influence his or her team, peers, boss?

-          What are some of the potential cultural derailers?

There is too much on the line to be less than 100% certain that employees will thrive in a new position. Your organization and customers are counting on you to be sure that employees succeed.

OI Partners’ Experience Helps You Avoid Derailment Disaster

The Solution: Trusted Counsel for Effective Onboarding Creates Success

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