What you should know about OI Partners Inc.

         We are former corporate-side human resources people. We’ve walked in your shoes. We understand what you’re going through.

         Our primary motivation is to help people find happiness—whether that’s through turning a hard challenge into a positive opportunity, by achieving a goal, discovering a new sense of self or more.

         We are obsessively committed to helping your organization succeed.

         We are extremely resourceful, collaborative and flexible. We are “Yes!” people.

         We have extensive local knowledge. Yet our reach is global.

         Our focus is on custom talent management solutions. Personally handling the details of your program matters to us. We simply don’t offer modular, de-personalized programs.

         We hold strongly to the OI Partners standard of delivering consistent quality of services and programs across each of our offices. You can expect the same thing from one office to the next.

         Relationships are a very big deal to us. We create a high-touch, one-on-one and lasting experiences in which everyone is a valued individual. That means our programs are built around individual needs by a dedicated practitioner.

         OI Partners offices are locally owned. Local ownership means a local point of contact, faster decision making and personalized programs. This frees us from corporate rules that slow our competitors.

         Yet, we are one global company, with highly trained and experienced talent management professionals in all 200 offices who must meet uncompromising standards for consistent delivery.

         With OI Partners, we make things user friendly, simple and consistent across all offices, around the world.

         OI Partners's best-in-class technology improves all aspects of career and talent management. However, our technology never replaces our consultants. Rather, it supplements the individual time our consultants devote to clients.

         Our Co-Managed Individual System™ allows employers and employees to choose solutions that uniquely fit them.

         OI Partners’ promise is to provide a better human experience for a better business outcome.

Contact your local OI Partners office, call 1-800-232-5285 or email contactus@oiglobalpartners.com

A Better Human Experience...for a Better Business Outcome

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