• 5 Tips For Effectively Using Recent LinkedIn Updates

    by Ray Blush

    LinkedIn is a tremendous networking site to assist job seekers with their job-search campaign. But as I have observed in recent years, updates are made to the site with limited fanfare and explanation on how to access new features. 5 Tips for Effectively Using Recent LinkedIn Updates

    However, don’t worry! To help you ease your job-search anxieties, here are 5 fairly new features I suggest you use in your job hunt:

    1. Create a background for your profile. You can now upload a customized background for your profile whether you are a premium or a freebee member. This is a good opportunity to differentiate your profile from others along with having a robust Heading and Summary section. You can create free customized graphic designs using PicMonkey.com, Photofunia.com and Fotor.com.

    2. View a person’s recent activity. This is an excellent feature especially when you’re scheduling informational interviews. You can now access a person’s LinkedIn activity by clicking on the triangle that opens a drop down menu next to the “Send a message” button and then clicking on “View recent activity.” You can see what a person has shared professionally, their comments and posts and profile updates for promotions and new jobs. 

    3. Find job opportunities using Groups Job Tab. A person can join up to 50 groups at any one time, and there are hundreds of groups based on different criteria such as professional associations, industry, alumni, skill set and job function. After you join a group, go to the Jobs Menu under the logo of the group, and then click on “Search for a job.” These postings are free to recruiters and company HR professionals so it is becoming a popular feature to advertise job openings.

    4. Managing and changing the order of Recommendations. Recently LinkedIn enhanced the ...

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  • Team Building Activities That Work, Part 2

    by Robyn Crigger

    Last week, we shared some creative team-building activities that could be especially fun to do around the holidays. Read Part 1 of this post here.

    This week, we offer some insight on additional team-building activities to help strengthen culture and keep employees motivated toteam building activities that work work efficiently and productively.

    In order for a company to be an efficiently running and productive organization, there needs to be a clear vision and a positive workplace environment/culture set in place by the leadership. This helps to motivate and encourage the workforce to work toward its goal.

    However, in order for this to come together, it takes hiring the right people with the right skills and attitude.  Skills can be taught, but a person’s attitude may need some molding and developing. “Team work” requires all employees pulling together, contributing all they can for one successful outcome.

    When working on building a good team, there are some activities that can help instill and strengthen this goal.

    -       Cut a flat piece of cardboard into 6–10 odd-shaped pieces, then have the same number of employees work at putting their pieces together to make the original shape of the cardboard.  The group should do this without talking.  (You can make several of these puzzles to allow a few groups of employees participate in this activity.)

    -       Have a group of 6-8 employees empty their pockets or purses and try to create a company by using objects from each employee, developing the name of the company as well as a logo.

    -       Take 5-6 employees and lay a flat bed sheet on the floor. Have the whole group stand on the sheet, and without using their hands or getting off the sheet, have them turn the sheet over to the opposite side....

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  • Team Building Activities That Work, Part 1

    By Holly Ewart


    Team building activities are an important way to help colleagues learn to trust each other and better understand each other’s abilities.team building activities that work It’s especially fun to do around the holidays! But what team building activities are best for your team?


    We’ve all heard about walking on hot coals or becoming “blood brothers,” the trust experiment where you fall back into your teammates’ awaiting hands. But do these team building activities really work? Short of having burned feet and hurt backs, I’m skeptical! As the holidays approach and year-end parties are being planned, here are a few better ideas for bringing your team together:


    Mine field:  This is a great exercise if you have a large room or outdoor field. Set up a 'mine field' using chairs, balls, cones, boxes, or any other object that could potentially be an obstacle and trip someone up. Leave enough space between the objects for someone to walk through. Next, divide your group into pairs. Blindfold one person; this person is not allowed to talk. Ask his or her partner to stay outside the mine field, and give verbal directions, helping the mine walker avoid the obstacles in order to reach the other side of the area. 


    Before you begin, allow partners a few minutes to plan how they'll communicate. Then, make sure there are consequences when people hit an obstacle. For example, perhaps they have to start again from the beginning.


    This is a great way to build communication and trust amongst co-workers who may not work together on a regular basis or with colleagues who only focus on work-related tasks.


    Broken Email:  On a table, place as many pieces of paper with a pen as you have teams. Have pre-made simple images ...

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  • Giving Thanks for Happiness In Your Career

    by Robyn Crigger

    Being thankful for happiness in your careerOver the past two years, more employees have become more dissatisfied with their jobs and their employers. The key factor is “not feeling appreciated” and/or “not being given opportunities to grow, learn and develop” by their employers.

    Though I don’t like anyone to feel unhappy in his or her job, I would also not want anyone to change from a mediocre job to a miserable job. People need to evaluate the core issue of this problem. There are quite a few “bad employers” who are disrespectful of their employees or completely ruthless and cruel taskmasters. Therefore, I try to encourage the individual to evaluate his or her circumstances and determine if this situation can be resolved.

    Once I heard a person relay that “Work is WORK – not playtime. Therefore, people shouldn’t complain about work being hard.” There is some truth to that, but a person’s position also shouldn’t be demeaning as people are giving of themselves to that employer for 8 (or whatever) hours a day and being compensated. Therefore, if a person has selected or accepted a position to match his or her skills and capabilities for fair wages, what is the real complaint? Why did they choose or accept the position? 

    No job is perfect, so what is expected or wanted from your chosen career or position? 

    -        Are you able to use your skills and talents to benefit others? Then that offers its own reward.

    -        Are your working conditions fair/acceptable and safe?

    -        Is your employer respectful of you?

    -        Are you mistreated?

    -        Are you paid fairly and timely as you were promised?

    -        Are there other benefits that the employer provides? (i.e. insurance, vacation…)

    -        Has your employer made promises that have ...

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