• 8 Ways to Do Well in A New Position

    By Robyn Crigger

    As you begin this New Year, you may have the opportunity to begin a new position as well. How exciting and yet scary!8 ways to do well in a new job position So where do you begin in order to make this opportunity one that helps you grow and enables you to make a positive contribution?

    1.     Assuming that you have selected a progressive organization which encourages employees to tap into their creativity and maximize their talents to benefit the organization, this will provide you even more growth potential. It is when working for stagnant and backward companies that stifle and discourage the abilities of employees and their enthusiasm. A good and proactive employer is a treasure.

    2.     Get a clear understanding of what is “expected” of you – get specifics. If there is any confusion or differences of opinions, clear that up immediately with your employer. You want this position to start off on a solid foundation.

    3.     Before doing anything, research past challenges of the company, what worked and what didn’t work in order to avoid wasted efforts.

    4.     From your research develop a plan for how you can contribute fresh efforts that would benefit the organization. Include a time line and who and what would be needed to implement this effort. A good plan ensures positive results.

    5.     Check with those people with whom you have more contact or your “teammates” and confirm if there are ways to combine efforts or gather ideas that could benefit all, as well as the company. Teamwork creates successful organizations. 

    6.     Make sure to have a list of good resources that could be very helpful when running into snags, etc. Have the list ...

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  • 3 Reasons to Consider Creating A Website to Land A Job

    by Shawna Simcik

    Technology has shifted the entire dynamic of the job search and how recruiters find and evaluate job candidates. Even 3 reasons to consider creating a website to land a job if you have a strong brand on various social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, a website may give you the edge you are seeking.


    Here are three reasons why you should consider creating your own site when you are in a career transition:


    1. Have you Googled yourself? Having your own website allows you to control what people see when they search for you. More and more, employers are using Google as a way to learn more about potential job candidates. When you have your own website, you have the opportunity to sway the information and demonstrate a portfolio of your accomplishments (rather than that drunken video from Spring Break 1999).


    2. A great way to demonstrate your expertise in an area and gain exposure with your target audience is to start a website. With well-written content and an accompanying up-to-date blog, you will become a thought leader in your field. 


    3. Finally, a website can give you the space to express your personality in ways that are not possible through your resume. Recruiters in today’s marketplace do not simply look for technical skills any longer, but rather want to know that you are going to be a good personality or culture fit with the company as well.


    A website can be such a powerful tool for a job seeker especially if you are in a creative field such marketing but it can also be helpful in other technical areas such as technology, social media or communications.

    When crafting your website, think about including the following areas: a professional headline; a brief biography or an “About Me” page; your ...

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  • Taking Charge of Personal Branding: Brand Yourself or Be Branded

    By Susan Ruhl

    Recently I participated in a workshop around personal branding. The first question asked by the facilitator was “WhoPersonal Branding: Brand or Be Branded here has a personal brand?” I was very surprised to see that less than half the people in the room raised their hands. 

    Here is the reality—good or bad:  EVERYONE has a personal brand. 

    So what is personal branding? Personal branding is essentially the process of establishing an impression in the minds of others about an individual—namely YOU. Everything we do either directs or confirms the impression people have of you. In light of the fact that four out of five recruiters search social media to vet candidates—and sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allow others to form opinions based on profiles—it is more important than ever to take charge of your brand. 

    Some tips to positively affect your brand include:

    1) Check out what the world sees. “Google” yourself. On the first page of results, what did you see? Did you even appear in the results? If you did, and you didn’t know anything about yourself, what perception would you have?


    2) Determine what you want the world to see. Think about the brand you want to create. This needs to be based in reality so start by figuring out what you do better than others. What sets you apart as a professional, person, friend, etc.? Understanding what those attributes are and determining key words to reflect that will be the basis for all brand management.


    3) Use a professional headshot. What I mean by that is a clear headshot. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on a photographer. But cutting out another person that is in a picture from a party is not a great route to take. 


    4) ...

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  • Growing Markets & Professions: Where Should I Look for a Job in 2015?

    By Holly Ewart


    It’s already the second month of the year—how is your job search coming along?  Growing markets: Where should I find a job in 2015?


    There are many aspects that go into a job search but two of the main things to consider are: 1) where the job is located and 2) in what industry. With the country finally coming out of the recession, companies are hiring again at a rapid pace to keep up with customer demands. If you find yourself in the job market, either voluntarily or not, now is a great time to be looking. 


    First, let’s take a look at the country as a whole. Obviously, the major U.S. metro areas of New York, Chicago, Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles are all hot beds of hiring right now, but some other cities that you may not have considered have joined the ranks. These cities include Austin, Texas, due in part to the large tech boom that has occurred in this city over the past several years. Oakland, California is another up and comer due to the flow of young professionals leaving San Francisco because of the rise in housing costs. Some other areas to consider are Cambridge, Massachusetts; Houston, Texas and Mobile, Alabama.


    The second aspect of finding that perfect job is figuring out what the industry trends are and if you have the skills and experience to excel in that type of profession. Many Americans are finding themselves either going back to school or seeking additional training in a field that they never believed they would be effective in. One such area is coding. Many young graduates find themselves going back to school for additional training in this field because of the high demand in the tech arena. Along those same lines is software development. The other consistent and ...

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