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  • 3 Ways to Use Twitter for Job Search

    by Shawna Simcik, OI Partners - Innovative Career Consulting, Denver

    twitter for job searchIntroducing Twitter to a job seeker in career transition is sometimes similar to saying the word "walk" to a golden retriever in a high-pitched voice. The response I often get is that the person’s head tilts to the side quizzically, and they ask, "Really? Are you joking? I thought Twitter is for Chris Brown and Kim Kardashian."

    Actually, no. Twitter is a fabulous, free resource to support a person in career transition. Here are three ways you should use this innovative micro-blogging tool to accelerate your job search:

    1. Start Tweeting!

    Similar to LinkedIn status updates, job seekers can use this as a tool to demonstrate expertise, thought leadership and stay connected to companies, influencers and recruiters. Use 140 characters to talk to your “followers” about your field of expertise. Link to great articles you have read, back to your LinkedIn profile or personal branded website. This also subconsciously screams, "Wow! He/she is on Twitter. He/she must be 'with-it' and ‘up-to-date on technology.’"

    2. Follow Companies.

    Even if you don't grasp tweeting, set up a profile and follow companies. Follow companies where you want to work (target companies), companies where you have applied for a position or have an interview. Watch what the company posts and use this information to your advantage. Retweet (RT) what the company is saying, or strategically squeeze into your interview how you read via Twitter about a recent press release from that company.

    3. Follow Recruiters & Influencers.

    Similar to following a company, you can also follow recruiters or influencers who tweet jobs listings. People such as @oipartnersinc and @tweetmyjobs tweet jobs regularly. Recruiters—54% of them—are now using this free resource to accelerate the message of open positions, rather than paying fees to ...

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  • You can run but you can’t hide! Embracing social media to build your brand

    by Shawna WilliamsM.S., CMP, Managing Partner, OI Partners Denver

    Two years ago, I had my hands tied behind my back telling the world, “I will not engage in this silly online networking.” Now, I have come to realize how important social media is in this changing world of business.

    In the past year, I have grown my network from 50 people to 780 “real-world” connections on LinkedIn. With a sincere effort to update my statuses daily on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, I can account my social media efforts for a significant increase in brand recognition and business leads. 

    On March 22, 2011, USA Today reported that LinkedIn surpassed 100 million users, nationally and internationally. In 2010, Facebook beat out Google to become the most visited U.S. website, indicating a shift in how Americans are searching for content (CNNMoney.com).The statistics go on and on.

    You can run but you can’t hide! Social media is changing the way businesses are communicating. Social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter already have a vast user base. And this user base is comprised of your key audiences—potential clients, potential employees, potential employers and more—searching for and sharing content, conducting research and looking to connect. They’re even looking for YOU. Will they find you there?

    You MUST take the time to learn how social media can be used to build your personal and company brand. So, where do you start?

    Prepare Your Road Map! Think about your product (may be YOU), audience and value proposition. Research what social media outlets would give you the biggest bang for your buck and most support your personal and business goals (i.e., LinkedIn, Twitter, blogging, etc.)

    Take the Time! The biggest hurdle we hear is “it just takes too much time” or “how much ...

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