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  • 3 Best Ways to Find a Job Candidate

    By Jessica Rayburn


    One of the most common questions we come across in this industry is, “How do I find a GREAT candidate?”


    Sure, there are plenty of options when searching for a new employee. But how do you save time and make sure that you are conducting an efficient search? 3 best ways to find a job candidate


    Searching for a candidate is time consuming, expensive and often frustrating. We advise our clients to start with these three areas to conduct a fruitful job search:


    1. Networking – Candidates who attend events, whether they are educational or job search specific, are ACTIVELY seeking new positions and doing their best to put themselves out there and grow professionally. Both are good qualities in a potential employee, right?


    2. Social Media – Whether it be Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google + or any other social media outlet, a good candidate should be active on social media. Our two favorites are LinkedIn and Twitter. Candidates who are posting on these sites, showing their expertise in their field and providing others with quality content are showing initiative and commanding the attention of the social media world. Personal branding and marketing should be important components when considering the quality of a potential employee. Do you want an employee who actively promotes your business or one who represents your business in a negative light? 


    3. Referrals – This is HUGE, reach out to your greatest resource when searching for the next great employee…YOUR employees. Ask employees who you trust and have shown loyalty and dedication to your organization if they know of anyone they would recommend for the job. After all, they know what it takes to be successful within the organization and what it takes to get the job done. These employees will be unlikely to recommend ...

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  • Are Resumes and Cover Letters Outdated?

    by Kathie McCloskey, OI Partners - Quest Management Consultants

    In a world of LinkedIn and other social media sites as well as personal web pages, what role do traditional resumes and cover letters now play? The answer to that question is complex.

    While it is true that social media and personal web pages are changing the landscape of job search and providing additional avenues for recruiters to learn about job seekers’ skills, what remains constant is the need for a good, basic marketing strategy. Marketing terms like Reach, Frequency and Message apply, not only in the world of advertising, but also in the job search.

    A job-search marketing plan will include ways to Reach as broad an audience as possible with job seekers’ Message on a Frequent basis.

    Let’s define the audience. The audience is any recruiter, hiring manager or potential networking contact. All 3 of these groups will want insight into job seekers’ skills/competencies and value-added accomplishments over the course of their careers. 

    LinkedIn, Facebook Google+ and other social media profiles, as well as personal web pages, will Reach any of the above groups who actively participate in those platforms and are there looking to engage with candidates. Profile updates that automatically Reach a target audience achieve the Frequency objective, as well.

    But candidates can’t forget about recruiters who, perhaps because of their comfort level or maybe because of the size and sophistication of the hiring organization, tend toward more traditional approaches to learning about available talent. They are often part of organizations whose recruiting methodology includes web-based talent acquisition and recruiting software. Such software provides candidates the opportunity to extend their Reach and Message by typing in their employment history and uploading both cover letters and resumes. 

    Cover letters and resumes are very often the ...

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